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We are fortunate to meet thousands of children around the world who are a part of our Child Sponsorship program. We get to see them develop and thrive, and we are honored to assist them on their path to becoming adults who can contribute to the growth of their community.  Read on to catch a glimpse of Ayuni’s life, one of our sponsored children from Indonesia.Ayuni1

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.59.43 PM


My name is Ayuni Novitasari, and I am from Indonesia. I would love to introduce a little bit about my life, my siblings, and my family.


This is my house, and I live here with my parents, siblings, and my cute cat. Meet my mom! Her name is Fitriyanti.


This is my younger sister Anisa, and my cute cat Angora.


I am a joyful and happy girl. I love having fun, like any other kid. One of my favorite things to do is take my bicycle for a ride in my neighborhood.


Someday when I grow up, I would like to be a flight attendant, but before starting my career, I would love to learn to cook and renovate my house.


I will study hard to be smart and learn other languages. That way, I can make my dreams come true, but also make my parents and my siblings always happy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.00.01 PM


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ayuni!

You can help children like Ayuni through our Child Sponsorship program! Your sponsorship will support a child with his/her education, nutrition, medical care, and more. For more information, please visit our website.

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We have partners that pop up from all around the world–connecting hearts to form a wide-reaching web of care–but sometimes…sometimes we find them just down the hall. Jeff Suarez is an everyday business man and father who happens to work across from the GNUSA offices in downtown LA, close enough to toss a paper airplane, or share a coffee break with us. He may work in a completely different industry, but there is a thread of compassion that has linked our offices, and our hearts, in this common goal. Grab your latte and sit with us in a coffee break convo with our friend Jeff…

GNUSA: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jeff: My name is Jeff Suarez. I was born and raised in LA and currently live in Valencia with my wife and two children, Mateo & Simon. I studied International Relations at USC, and lived in New York City between 2005-2010. I’ve been working at since 2011 as an Account Manager.


I got involved with GNUSA through an open house you guys had a few years ago. On the way out, I was given a package about its programs which also contained a profile of Luis, who is now my sponsored child. This was also a special season for me because it was around the same time my first son Mateo was born. I’ve been a child sponsor ever since.

GNUSA: What’s your passion behind sponsoring a child?

Jeff:  I have loved interacting with kids ever since high school. Working with kids has just always been a highlight for me. And since GNUSA works a lot with kids, it was an easy decision to sponsor Luis, and then interact with him through my sponsorship.

GNUSA: Have you ever been to other countries?

Jeff: I travelled to Europe, and my family is from the Philippines – so we go there every so often. I think for me, somehow I really related to kids in difficult circumstances around the world, and I don’t just see them, I feel what they’re going through. I know that GNUSA uses its resources to build programs and provide opportunities for these children, and I love that I’m a part of that. Anything I can do, I try.

GNUSA: What interests you more about the child sponsorship than other programs?

Jeff: I have always wanted to be part of a sponsorship program. Your office is across from mine so it just made sense for me to sponsor a child with you guys. It’s wonderful to walk into work every day and know I’m a part of what GNUSA does.

GNUSA: Since you have kids, how do you plan to introduce them to your sponsored child?

Jeff: (haha) At some point we will. My oldest is three, so we’ll probably have to wait until he gets a little older before we tell him about his brother Luis!


I think this sponsorship experience will help me instill in my children a continuing awareness of the needs of other children and families around the world. Being from the Philippines- a third world country- my wife and I are keenly aware of issues that communities have, and that children face just to be able to survive.

GNUSA: What has sponsoring Luis for 3 years meant to you?

Jeff: Giving $35.00 a month hasn’t felt like a burden for us at all because we understand why we are giving, and exactly how it is really helping Luis.

GNUSA: Besides helping him financially, how else do you feel Luis is impacted through your sponsorship?

Jeff:  I believe I’m reassuring him that there is someone out there looking out for him. One day I hope to write him and share with him about my sons and family. I know I sure love seeing the photos and letters I get from him.

Partner4 Partner3

GNUSA: Have you ever thought about a lifetime commitment with your child?

Jeff: Yea, I had never thought about it, but building a longer relationship with the sponsored child is unique. I think that would be great! Like I said before, I have two boys and it’s exciting for me as a father to see them grow. It’s no different with my sponsor child Luis – it’s such a joy to see his growth, and how he is enabled to continue moving forward.

GNUSA: What has been your favorite part of sponsoring?

Jeff: Receiving the letters and drawings from Luis. I love posting them on the fridge!


Thank you Jeff, for sharing your story with us!  To learn more about sponsoring a child, click here.


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WHY I GIVE: Meet Jhocelyn

For our next WHY I GIVE entry, we want to introduce you to Jhocelyn, one of our youngest donors! She’s incredibly smart and passionate about giving back, and we’re so happy she discovered us through a very millennial way – social media! 


Hi Jhocelyn! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

A: I’m 23 years old, and I was born in Mexico. I moved to the United States when I was 3 years old.  I have 3 sisters and a brother, as well as 2 cousins who live with us at home. So, with my parents, it’s a total of 9 of us!  I am the oldest of the children and my youngest sister is 6. I’m very close to my family; I’m always calling them, I’m always bothering them. I no longer live at home with them, but whenever I have free time, I’m always driving back to visit! 

photo (34)

This is just some of the family!

Q: How did you find out about Good Neighbors?

A: I discovered Good Neighbors on Tumblr. After following for a year and seeing all of the adorable photos and inspiring posts, I finally went on the website to look through all the projects. That’s when I got really excited and decided to sponsor a child! It has changed my life in amazing ways. 

Q: Tell us about the child you’re sponsoring!

A: My child’s name is Dorica, and she’s from Malawi. I instantly felt connected to her because she is the same age as my youngest sister. I grew up seeing my parents working 2 jobs, and felt like there was always this unspoken necessity to provide for us, our education, and to provide a good life, so I just felt like I wanted to do that for somebody else. My sisters and I have always been there for each other, and taken care of our family because my mom worked a lot. I can’t imagine Dorica not having the same support system. 


Jhocelyn with her 6 year old sister


6 year old Dorica – so adorable!

Q: What are some of the perks of sponsoring Dorica?

A: I love sponsoring Dorica; it’s been such a wonderful experience. It’s been really great seeing Dorica grow up at the same time as my youngest sister, and seeing similar progress in their learning curves even though they live across the world from each other. I love the letters and the pictures I receive from her, and it’s pretty neat to see my sister’s drawings and Dorica’s drawings side by side. 

MWI-0106-A00772 letter (1)

The latest drawing and letter from Dorica

Q: Would you recommend child sponsorship?

A: I would definitely recommend sponsoring a child to my friends!  A lot of my friends know that I sponsor a child, and my family of course already knows. I am sure they will eventually do it too.  Apart from it being a good thing, I feel like you get so much more in return.  What I enjoy most about sponsoring Dorica is that feeling of having some sort of significance in somebody else’s life, as well as being part of something that you know gives back to the community.


Thank you so much, Jhocelyn! Are YOU interested in learning more about child sponsorship? Check out our website here




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What better way to thank our amazing donors than with a party?! On Saturday, August 15, we held our first Donor Appreciation Event for our Orange County-based child sponsors.

We wanted to show our appreciation to our donors for not just supporting a Good Neighbors project, but also for all that they do in the lives of children around the world! Because of our child sponsors, children globally receive nutritious meals, access to education, and medical care. Again, THANK YOU to all of our supporters! See below for the video we presented to our child sponsors, and some fun photos from the event!

Our new Child Sponsorship video:


FullSizeRender (15)

Child Sponsorship giveaway mug

Namhoon 2

Good Neighbors USA staff thanking our amazing child sponsorship donors

Donors having lunch

Donors having lunch

Jennifer Yang & her daughter enjoying the event

Jennifer and her daughter enjoying the event

Sung Young and his children writing letters to their sponsored child

Sung Young and his children writing letters to their sponsored child

Joshua writing a letter to his sponsored child

Joshua writing a letter to his sponsored child

Donor and Office Manager Diane with Grace and Jennifer

Donor and Office Manager Diane with Grace and Jennifer

Namhoon 1

Haejung Lee and Jeankoo Yune


Delicious lunch buffet at Vanguard University

namhoon 3 (1)

Good Neighbors USA staff: Diane, Steffany, and Esther


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NPL-0108-A00234(Surendra Pyakurel) (2)

Namaste! My name is Surendra Pyakurel, and I am 9 years old. I live with my family in the district of Mugu, Dhainako, in Nepal. I live with my grandparents, mom, dad, and siblings.  My family members include my grandparents, father, mother, and my siblings. My favorite game is Kabardi, and I love playing it with my friends! (Kabardi is the national game of Nepal. It is usually played in groups and is similar to the game of tag.)

child nepal spon

I want to be a teacher when I grow up. Education is really important to me, so I want to share it with everybody else! I am so thankful that I am receiving an education because of the support of my sponsor.

nepal child

Through my sponsorship, Good Neighbors provides me with school supplies such as  notebooks and pens, and my school uniform. I also get to eat delicious meals and I get check ups at the health clinic. My family is very happy for the support that I am receiving from my sponsor. I would like to thank my sponsor for their kind support and for always caring for my needs. THANK YOU!

 Learn more about our Child Sponsorship Program by visiting our website here


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