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Haiti, 4 Years After the Earthquake

We’ve come a long way in four years.

This Sunday, January 12th, marks the fourth anniversary of Haiti’s catastrophic 7.0 earthquake in 2010. Right after the quake hit, Good Neighbors arrived with an emergency relief team to provide food, water, tents, and medical support to thousands—and ended up staying. Since then, we’ve established an official field office in Port-au-Prince to identify the most urgent projects and focus on community development. In four years, our supporters have helped us build 31 new homes for displaced families and two new primary schools for children in Wharf Jeremie, one of the most dangerous slums in the region. The homes currently house 50 families and the schools support 615 children and 27 teachers.

As a new year begins in 2014, we’re centering our attention on the rural village of Oranger, where 300 kids in the community still have no access to an education. The few that do attend school study in makeshift classrooms made out of cut cloth and wooden sticks, with no real tables and chairs, and no textbooks. Our goal is to raise $18,000 to build new schools and cover these children’s tuition, books, and lunchtime meals. We believe that giving Haiti a fresh starts begins with giving every child an education, and we’re calling this initiative Project Promise300.

IMG_3317 Kids in the village of Oranger, Haiti currently study in makeshift schools. We want to build them a brand-new school complete with real desks, chairs, and school supplies.

IMG_4029 A young girl in class at one of our schools in Wharf Jeremie.

IMG_4061Every child is provided with lunchtime meals.

Be a part of Haiti’s future by investing in Project Promise300.

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