Singing a New Sonata in Chile with Hyundai

Chile, the longest country in the world, reminiscent of a, well… Chili. Home to the world famous Moai heads, three varieties of penguins, the tallest volcano, to the driest dessert.

Aptly named after an indigenous Mapuche word that means “Where the land ends”, we could describe Chile to be a little bit…Spicy.

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What brings spice to Chile is it’s rich culture, lively communities, and people filled with zest for life. This zest is most apparent in the port town of Valparaíso, a vibrant city covered by colorful murals and graffiti, a major hub for painters and poets, declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2003…

Valparaíso, known for their beautiful Stairway to Heaven has become the Alleyway to the Dumpster.


With a lack of awareness for environmental protection and sanitation standards, industrial pollution are going unchecked and personal garbage fill the streets. Without proper regulations, the city is being surrounded by over 170 landfills.


Not only is this a visual nuisance but a health issue to the community, causing hygiene problems and decreasing the overall quality of life of the neighborhood.

Because Good Neighbors is committed to bringing GOOD CHANGE to the World, we have teamed up with Hyundai to tackle this ever-increasing problem, and help the people of Chile reclaim their beautiful town.


We believe that the best way to bring about lasting change is to educate and equip, so that’s what we did!  We teamed up with students from over 50 schools in Valparaíso, educating them on the importance of sanitation and recycling, inspiring them to be the change in their community.


And Hyundai provided the vehicle for them to be the change…literary!!

They provided the community with these good-looking recycling collection vehicles! Once a month, students from all over town go around with these trucks to collect recyclable items such as bottles.


To bring about more awareness and excitement for recycling, we also hosted the Recycling Contests for the 50 schools to compete in. Over 19,000 children worked hard to collect as much garbage from the streets as possible.


All the children worked hard, and tons of recyclable items were collected! but is that all we care about?

No! The most valuable thing that came from this event is that the future leaders of Chile were inspired to bring good changed to their neighbors.


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