*Closed* Giveaway: Win A Good Neighbors Tote Bag!


This giveaway has closed. Thanks for playing!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re giving away one of our signature Good Neighbors tote bags! The tote features artwork from 10-year-old Leshan of Kenya, can be worn as a cross-body bag, and has a convenient pocket inside to stash your cell phone, keys, or wallet.

To enter, just like our Facebook page here, follow our Twitter here, and then answer this question in the blog comments below along with your e-mail address: What’s something you’ve done in the name of love? A winner will be selected at random and announced on Valentine’s Day! *The contest will close at 4 p.m. PST on Friday, Feb. 14.

And in case you’re wondering, here are some things our staff has done in the name of love 😉

Tony Rodriguez, Web Designer: “I drove 800+ miles back and forth from LA to Sacramento every two weeks for two years to see my girlfriend (now wife).”

Nellie, Campaign Manager: “I volunteered until 2 AM for an annual gala raising money for a homeless shelter. It was tiring but well worth it!”

Lauren, Office Assistant: “I camped outside the box office starting at 2 AM for Backstreet Boys tickets. That’s true love.”

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552 thoughts on “*Closed* Giveaway: Win A Good Neighbors Tote Bag!”

  1. I incurred $500 worth of speeding tickets and 5,000 miles on my car in just one year for my first love, a long-distance relationship in college. it didn’t work out, so i totes deserve this win.

    (ahhhha! see what i did there?)

  2. Last summer, I had two high school interns helping me in my office. Every day, we would usually end up talking about our mutual love of food. One day, I found out that they had never had an Italian pasta dish before! Being immigrants from China, their parents hardly ever let them eat anything besides Asian food. On the last day of their internship, my coworkers and I surprised them with a pasta cooking party so they could try Italian food and learn how to make it for themselves anytime they want. That’s love with a delicious twist!

  3. I spent months training and running, hopefully getting to 26 miles -_- to help support kids and families in Guatemala! Haha!

  4. Many years ago, my girlfriend (now wife) broke up with me over the phone. I was so heart broken that I raced over to her house after work. When she opened the door, I dropped to my knees, let out a manly yell, and tried to tear the jeans I was wearing in half. It wasn’t planned, I have no idea why I did it… It just felt right for the situation. I remember tugging as hard as I could multiple times, but my jeans wouldn’t tear (They were Levis in case you were wondering… they make some tough pants). After a few tries, I looked up realizing how ridiculous the situation was. My wife, who had been crying her eyes out just moments before, couldn’t help but to bust out laughing. I stood up and both of us embraced while cracking up… and I guess the rest is history. 7 years and 2 kids later, if anyone asks for advice on how they can prove their love to someone, my wife and I chuckle and answer “Try ripping your pants off.”

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